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We are a group of enthusiasts, including experts in various fields, who are interested in local history, vernacular buildings, landscape and archaeology. Our aim has been to look at, record and interpret the development of Rylstone village and its surrounding landscape from the geological past, through pre-history and medieval times to the modern era.


In order to achieve this we have used a range of methods: surveys, sketches and analysis of Rylstone’s buildings, barns and landscape; documentary analysis of maps, parish, local and national records, old texts and photographs, family archives, archaeological, geological and local-history papers, on-line resources and other relevant material; recorded narratives from residents and others with inside knowledge of the parish and its history.


The name 'Rylstone' has been spelt in different ways over the years. On this website, it will be spelt in the current form except when it is the family name or when quoting from an original source.

We are seeking to make our findings available to the local community and other interested parties in accessible and attractive ways. The main legacy of the project is this website - an on-line archive of documents and interpreted material, which will be available for future use and further development by community members and local historians.

We are indebted to Cynthia Rymer, our mentor, whose help and encouragement has been our inspiration.

This site is dedicated to the late Lesley Walker and Richard Harland who both gave us invaluable help.

We are very grateful to the Cracoe and Rylstone Community Fund which has provided funding for the project and especially for the creation of this website.

Cynthia Rymer

Cynthia Rymer

Lesley Walker


About Rylstone today

  • Rylstone is a village and civil parish in the Craven district of North Yorkshire.

  • It is on latitude 54.0167 and longitude -2.05.

  • It is situated near to Cracoe, and is about 4 miles south west of Grassington and 5 miles from Skipton.

  • It had a population estimated to be 170 in 1911, but in 2011 it was 160 (from North Yorkshire County Council 2014 Population estimates).

  • It is on the watershed between the Aire and Wharfe valleys.

Richard Harland

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We have designed the website to be as easy as possible to use, and it is organised into eight main sections, apart from this Home Page. Each section begins with introductory paragraphs which provide an overview of the available content. Drop-down menus provide access routes into the sub-groupings of information within each section. Here you will find a varying range of reports, papers, maps and photographs. Wherever possible, buttons and hot-links are sited in the text to allow the reader to move readily to more detailed information and related topics within the website and to other websites.

Rylstone Pond in the Autumn 

Contacting the project


If you would like to comment about this website or supply information and photos for the site, you can contact us at: rylstoneproject@gmail.com

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