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The Two Figures below Compare the Occupations in Rylstone with those in Four other Local Rural Parishes

The division of labour shown in this study is what is expected to be found in rural areas from the first part of the 18th century.


It is clear from these figures that in the rural parishes after 1780, agricultural 

employments decline everywhere at the same time as industrial activity grows



In the registers for Rylstone, Conistone and Ilkley there were eight references to linen

workers in the period 1721-40, but none in 1801-12.


The above information is taken from the excellent and interesting study by May Pickles, for which the full reference is:


Pickles, M.F. (1976). 'Mid-Wharfedale 1721-1812: economic and demographic change in a Pennine dale'. Local Population Studies. No.16. Spring,1976. pp.12-44.

May Foster Pickles

Occupations on the Census Returns for Rylstone 1841-1911

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