The Local Mills 
There were at least two mills which served Rylstone over past centuries and their purpose changed over time. One was situated in the centre of Rylstone village and was fed by water from Rylstone pond. The second mill, which served the needs of both Hetton and Rylstone, was situated on Hetton Beck, and on the boundary between the two villages. It has to be said that there is confusion in past documentation about the two mills, with most of the texts appearing to refer to the Hetton Beck mill, but we cannot always be sure. Despite the fact that the remains of the Rylstone village mill house have existed in living memory, little is actually known about this mill and its relationship to the other enterprise shared with Hetton. 
These pages contain reproduced articles from a special edition of Times Past, with kind permission of the Bordley, Cracoe, Hetton and Rylstone  Local History Group, together with separate analysis by the project team about what is known today about the nature and purpose of the old mills. 

This is a sketch plan of the  Rylstone Mill by W. Haigh.