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Our thanks and acknowledgements

We are indebted to Cynthia Rymer, our mentor, whose help and encouragement has been our inspiration.

This site is dedicated to the late Lesley Walker, Richard Harland and Alison Armstrong who all gave us invaluable help.

We are very grateful to the Cracoe and Rylstone Community Fund which has provided funding for the project and especially for the creation of this website.

Finally, we would like to say a 'big thank you' for the support and contributions of local residents in Rylstone and district, especially the Local History Group.

Les Walker.JPG

Lesley Walker was a local resident with a great knowledge and interest in the area who was a founder member of the group

Cynthia Rymer

Cynthia Rymer is a retired local teacher with an immense knowledge and enthusiasm for  local history and an inspiration to many pupils and locals.

Richard H photo.jpg

Richard Harland a well respected expert on the Quakers in Yorkshire. He gave the project freely of his time and work


Alison Armstrong was a very well respected Landscape Archaeologist and Vernacular Buildings Expert. She was always delighted to teach and share her knowledge with everyone.

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