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The Norton Family





In this section, we explore the family history of the Norton Family, who held the Manor of Rylstone from 1492/3 to soon after 1569, when the crown confiscated their lands because of their involvement in the Uprising of the North. The project team has prepared an article on the family and how it came to gain, and then lose their Rylstone estates, and what happened inbetween. This can be accessed via the blue button below. We then present a detailed family tree of the Nortons, who descended from the Norvilles and Conyers, both of Norman origin.  At the bottom of the page is another button which gives access to a more detailed article on the Norton's Old Hall and demesne lands.

Sir Richard Norton 'Old Norton' born around 1494 and died 1585/88.

Painting in the chapel at Markenfied Hall.

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