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1522 Loan Book Details for Rylstone


Notes on Loans Books


The loan book lists assessments on both lands and goods and gives no note of the tax due to be paid. It contains other material quite extraneous to a lay subsidy return, listing lords and stewards of each manor and bonds of dependence between lords and tenants. Moreover, it describes itself as a loan book, as it includes both the 10th Lord Clifford and his son Sir Henry Clifford, and so predates Lord Clifford’s death in April 1523. This is probably one of Wolsey’s assessments of 1522.


Wolsey’s purpose was two fold; firstly to make a detailed census of the nation's military resources -  both manpower and weapons - and, secondly, to obtain a detailed fiscal assessment, possibly to enforce the possession of harness and weapons in conjunction with a scale surviving in the Cottonian Library. A Commission, issued in March 1522, demanded that every township should supply a muster of all adult males with a notice of each man’s lord or master, together with a detailed assessment of all property and individual wealth. This was superseded by a new commission in July with the same financial assessment, but with the declared intention of discovering every man’s ability to contribute to the provision of harness. It also allowed the commissioners to use it to solicit all those with an income over £20 for a loan for the government at a minimum rate of 10% of the assessment. This loan was to be repaid by the next grant of taxation made by the parliament. The assessment was used again in 1523 when the crown demanded loans of 10%  for those worth £5-£20. The possession of arms was not recorded for Craven.


Rylstone  Loan of 1522


John Norton   Cheiffe lorde theire.


Thomas Morehowse             to John Norton           40s

Richard Clark                        to Norton                   30s

Henry Kyghtley                     do                               30s

Thomas Mane                      do                               20s

Thomas Settill                      do                               30s

Thomas Ketchyn                  do                               26s 8d

Thomas Weste                     do                               20s

Robert Scheperd                  do                               30s

John Ketchyn                       do                               30s

Henry Blakeburne                do                               20s

John Kayley                         do                               20s

Robert Kayley                      filius eius                      nil

Thomas Ellyson                   to Norton                      nil

Henry Gregson                     do                                30s

Richard Gryme                     do                               16s 4d

Thomas Stryke                     do                               16s 4d

Richard Karlyll                      do                               13s 4d

Richard Mylner                     do                               12s

William Graye                       do                               10s

Charles Marton                     do                               20s

John Scotte                           do                               20s

William Ayrton                      do                               10s

Henry Kalbek                        do                               10s

Thomas Clarke                     do                               30s




Hoyle, R. W.  (Ed.). (1985). 'Early Tudor Craven: Subsidies and Assessments 1510 – 1547'.  Vol. CXLV. Leeds: Yorkshire Archaeological Society.         

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