Contributions from the Children of the Local Primary School

They have drawn up a Timeline for the area 

They have discussed the recent past history of the School with a previous                                                     teacher at the school

Cracoe School Local History Project


As part of a ‘Local History Project’ the class were researching the history of their school, which dates back to 1853. They realised they had a fantastic primary evidence source in Cynthia, who loves history and is part of the Rylstone Local History Society. Each member of the class had two questions for the school’s former teacher and were really excited to discover her stories,


One girl was shocked to discover, ‘The children had a toilet that didn’t flush back in the 1950’s!’ Another was horrified to learn that the infants' room was only, '5 metres squared’, and having been mentioned as a necessary requirement during a 1952 inspection, Cynthia had to wait 54 years until the desperately needed infants' room was opened - by he r- in 2006 (see photos).


Cynthia explained to another child that the school was freezing, with no heaters and that ice would form on the inside of the windows in winter; also that the dinners had to be transported to the school from another village and not cooked on the premises!

Somethings were better back then though, according to the young historians:

‘Cynthia told us that they had a school trip all the way down to London and they had LOADS of pets including snails, worms and guinea pigs!'

The positive benefits of this fact finding mission were mutual. Cynthia admitted that the children, ‘have made my day!’ and the current Base Leader (Glenda Cumberland) is determined that, when the restrictions on visitors lift, Cynthia will be welcomed as a guest of honour into the school to see all the local history research that the children have done. They will also celebrate the fact that it will be 60 years since Cynthia joined the school staff .