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Wills, Indentures and other Documents Transcribed into Current English


1295 Elias De Rillestone


1646 Stephen Scott

1664 Margaret Garforth


1681 Thomas Ripley


1700 Richard Boulton


1700 John Foster 


1707 Richard Ibbotson


1707 Daniel Tailforth  

1708 Richard Trotter 

1713 Henry Wilkinson will and inventory

1733 David Yates

1763 Thomas Foster

1768 Sarah Bolland

1801 John Waddilove


1850 Richard Waddilove will and inventory

Indentures and Agreements

1608 Indenture whereby Francis Earl of Cumberland let various properties and lands to James Conyers for 99 years at a specific rent for each property.

1608 Indenture whereby Francis Earl of Cumberland let a corn water mill in Rylstone to William Wallock for 99 years at cost £66-13s-4p.

1619 Indenture whereby Rylstone hall and land leased to Richard Hughes by the Duke of Devonshire.

1676 Indenture whereby George Stoney of Rylstone bought a messuage and several fields from Richard and Esther Trotter of Rylstone.

1680 Indenture, whereby George Stoney of Rylstone bought four beastgates on Hetton Common from Wiliam and Mary Moorhouse of Hetton.

1682 Indenture between Thomas Jenkinson and John Kayley both of Rylstone leasing messuages and land in Rylstone to Samuel Swire of Cononley.


1682 Indenture Assignment from Richard Dickinson of Flasby Moorside to Francis Dickinson of Rylstone his son, and Michael Tailforth of Rylstone, of a messuage and land in Rylstone as security for a bond in which they have joined with him.

1683 Indenture on purchase of premises and land in Rylstone by George Stoney from

 Richard Trotter and Ester his wife.     

1684 Indenture whereby Thomas Kighley leases land in Rylstone to Francis Dickinson.

1685 Indenture whereby Richard Dickinson of Flasby leases land in Flasby to Francis Dickinson to secure lands in Rylstone from the Dower of Richard’s wife Grace.

1685  Bond of John Ripley to Margaret Ripley to abide by award of Richard Boulton and Thomas Kighley.

1685 Quitclaim whereby John Ripley releases good of Thomas Ripley to Margaret Ripley.

1685  Bond of Richard Dickinson to Francis Dickinson to observe covenants.

1686 Bond of Thomas Kighley to Francis Dickinson to observe covenants.
1690 Release from Christopher Blagbourne to Joseph Dickinson.
1690 Sale by William Dickinson to Francis Dickinson of hay.

1693 Indenture, whereby Christopher Foster of Rylstone bought Hall Croft and Hall Haugh fields in Rylstone and a beastgate on Langhill from Samuel Swire of Cononley. 

1698 Indenture whereby John Moorhouse leased Milngates Close to Francis Dickinson.

1705 Indenture whereby John Hyde and Joseph Dickinson leased land and properties in Hetton and Rylstone from Richard Preston.

1706 Indenture whereby Thomas Whaley of Winterburn has sold to Christopher Foster of Rylstone for the sum of £21.1s 6d Croft Close with barn and smithy in Rylstone.

1715 Settlement before marriage of Margaret Ripley widow to William Chippindale.

1718 Memorandum that William Hide of Keighley has let to William Chipindall lands in Rylstone for a year, thereafter for six years.

1723 Indenture whereby George Smith of Rylstone purchased several dwellings and land from James Hartley of Carleton in Craven.

1723 Indenture whereby James Hartley of Carleton in Craven purchases several dwellings in Rillston from Jonathan Tayleford of Skipton.

1734 Agreement between Thomas Foster and George Frankland and Thomas Gregson regarding construction of a Wall or Fence between Rylstone Hill Fell and Cracoe Fell.  

1751 Indenture, whereby Thomas Simpson of Middleham bought Low and High Mill Gate, Ridings, Rakegate, Low and High Koonley, Crunckle, Kexgill and Clints fields and buildings, plus beastgates in Rilstone Bark, Rilstone Moor and Rilstone Long Hill from a group of business men. The land and dwellings all in the occupation of William Sharpe, a farmer.

1752 Indenture between Thomas and Alice Gray of Rylstone and James Morley of Skipton concerning the lease of several properties in Rylstone.

1762 Memorandum allowing a group of men to search for coal on Rylstone Moor by Lord Mansfield.

1776 Indenture, whereby Robert Pickering of Ripon bought the North Field in Rylstone called Kexdale from Robert Blackburn of Hetton. Robert Blackburn bought Cracoe Cownley, a field in Cracoe from Robert Pickering.

1777 Letter from J. W. Spencer apologising for not surveying a mine belonging to The Duke of Devonshire.

1778 Indenture between Richard Waddilove and John Waddilove whereby land and property was leased to John under the terms of their father Joseph's will.

1795 Agreement whereby James Collins rents the colliery on Rilstone Fell from The Duke of Devonshire.

1848 Memorandum allowing Stephen Gregson to take stone for building from Rylstone and Cracoe Fells.

1855 List of papers delivered to Charles Carr agent of The Duke of Devonshire.

1884 Indenture to settle disputes between persons using Cracoe and Rylstone Fells listing who is entitled to use each fell.

1895 Property exchange between Captain Henderson and The Duke of Devonshire.

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